Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The day Cassie Dog was almost sent to a client!!!!

Cassie Dog!!!!
(My best friend!!!!)

Cassie Dog is her name mischief is her game.
Where ever there is trouble this big Ginger Ninger is not far away, banging and crashing around the house it's a wonder we have one!

Cassie Dog loves:
Walks in the park
Swimming in the river
Tennis balls
Playing football
Spaghetti Bolognese although Cheddar Cheese is her favourite of all time
Sitting on your knee (even though she doesn't fit)
Riding up front in the car (she always calls shot gun)

My reason for this post you may ask.... there is no reason other than a bit of fun!

Today this image of Cassie dog some how crept into a file I was sending to a client, luckily I spotted it before it went jetting into cyber space instead of the all important design files.

Remember this Christmas... Dogs are great fun but require a lot of time care and attention, but most importantly cost a lot to look after. 

Dogs are for life not just for Christmas!!!!! 

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