Monday, 9 May 2011

Ian Dutton

Happy Monday everyone I hope the first full working Monday in a while has run smoothly.  
We are kick starting the week with a post about the lovely Ian Dutton illustrator and designer who loves drawing ‘stuff’.

Approximately 2 weeks ago I was daydreaming and browsing though some lovely blogs and websites, and stumbled across Ian in my travels from blog to blog. I instantly fell in love with his designs and style of working and
whilst having a good rummage though his website I saw that he was a tweeter and since I have just started tweeting myself just over a year ago I am drawn to follow people to hear their tweets and up to date news, sometimes just being drawn into a good old tweet with fellow followers.

After following Ian on twitter I was soon dragged away from looking at pretty things on the internet and wasting the day away. Armed with a cup of tea and a pile of ginger nuts I immersed my self in a world of paper work accounting and telephoning, organising my ever untidy office space (yes my gas bills etc are always covered in tea rings and slight smudges where I have kept my biscuit in the tea a little to long) I had soon filed my design inspiration and daydreaming into a special place inside my head for a later date.

After an afternoon of filing, hole punching, stapling, and calculating the next day I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start a full day of design work re opening that little box in my head ready for all my ideas to spill out.
But first I can never resist a cheeky peek at what my followers and friends are up to on twitter, and waiting for my in my DM message box was a little message from Ian Dutton….. Sarah you are my 100th follower congratulations you have won a print.
EEEEEk I couldn’t believe it I had actually won something just for being interested in what Ian had to say and what he got up to with his wonderful illustrations, he messaged me and asked me what I liked and a couple of days latter this lovely little print arrived, much prettier and bigger than I had ever imagined.

I love it!

I still can’t quite decide where to put it, I keep moving it around the house. It has given the house that little extra spring feel.
This is where I have it at the moment and I couldn’t resist placing my little hand made wooden mushroom in front of it making it almost like a woodland scene.

Pop over to Ian’s website and take a look at his lovely designs for your self maybe there is something that would fit into your front room.
Ian regularly takes commissions and I am sure he would be happy to hear from you if you have some ideas for your perfect print.

I hope that you enjoy looking around Ian’s site and Ian I hope that you like where I currently have your print displayed in my house. My mum loved it but I am afraid this is going to be one of those prezzies you secretly want to take back and spend all you time trying to sneak it back ;) 

If you are an artist and would like a review please do not hesitate to contact me I would love to see some of you work and write you a feature. Please contact me Sarah at It doesnt matter if you are a furniture designer, fine artist, or kitchen designer if you have an artistic way of producing your product I want to hear about it.

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ian dutton said...

thank you for featuring my work and the print that you recently received from me! i'm glad you like it - enjoy sarah