Thursday, 20 January 2011

This a blog worth reading!

This blog is written by my sister Catherine Clare or Cat for short. She is currently studying Textiles at De Montfort University in Leicester. Although she is only in her first year she is already producing wonderful work full of depth and meaning.

You can read about her first print project which she based on the war. Wars are always associated with pain and heart ache, and rightly so .... but Cat manages to bring out the fun and laughter that she perceived to be underneath the brutal reality.

War heroes are still being commended today old and new and Cat has brought to the forefront the relationships between loved ones and friends, and the medals they got for their bravery, things that can sometimes be forgotten through sadness and anger.

This is a modern twist on things that should never be forgotten and should always be honoured. 

This one will be one to watch I will be writing about her work as she finishes each project.

Why not pop over and follow her blog

Sarah x

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